yellow color wear for mother of the bride

Morning BP Check: When first got up, could tell how I felt, a pill would soon be taken even before 1st BP Check & it's going on 5 hours ago. Finally remembered to & a reading of 121/81 was displayed. Also did my pill count to review my options for the 23 days remaining before my next doctor appointment. Covered even if the weather fails to cooperate (Excessive Rain/Thunder Storms) find the Green Household for a prolonged period. Easing my BP worries as well since, I got refills for those, if needed. Believe I'll get both @ same time, right after my end of month appointment for a fresh start, going into September. My doctor knows colder or rainy weather are harder on me & I've been instructed if I can tuck a few back for hard times, don't bring those for my monthly pill count review. Long as I don't put them up for sale & are wise enough to use only as needed, I'll never have a problem getting the next months supply, as limited as that might be. Which puts me in control of every facet of my condition, which I prefer. Told her as per our agreement, call for golden flow/pill count anytime during the month if you get to missing my smiling face, see me & have never been called in early. Granted, taken my share of golden flows during regular office visits with things found normal by medical standards for years, now. Once again, this month, I scheduled my appointment more than a month from my last one & that lets her know, got it under my control, even after so many years of taking Pain/BP prescribed drugs. During winter months that won't be happening & most likely schedule just 1 visit just a few days early, if it gets bad to make sure I'm covered, lol!!! yellow color wear for mother of the bride