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I have a pet peeve. It's when I see people advise others online to eat regular fat cheese and bacon because it's healthy natural fats.

Hold on a little here...

USUALLY the question about what fats to eat come from a desire to lose a lot of weight. ...
You go ahead and say 'eat regular cheese and bacon' and it WILL be a misread message and it WILL not help them lose weight.

How come?

When you want to lose fat and get healthy you need to choose the foods that will benefit you the most.

When you have a calorie budget, as in you restrict it and it's not free grazing of anything all days long, EVERY ITEM YOU CHOOSE matters.

Hard cheese, fats from meat are natural but it doesn't mean they're the best fats to consume for overall health.
Compare these to fats with super healthy compounds like polyphenols found in hemp oil, olive oil, in nuts and seeds.
I don't see bacon have those features, do you?

There are differences between different fats. The fatty acids in chocolate (DARK, not milk containing chocolate) are of better kinds than from full fat milk for instance.

So, should you go for the vegetable oils? Not if they're refined and been through lots of processing. They're not healthy just because they're vegetable derived.

The conclusion is: SOME "natural" fat will never be detrimental, but you need to remember 'what is the goal?'. If someone wants to lose a lot of fat and need to keep track on calories, adding bacon and fatty meats isn't smart. It just provides too much fat compared to protein content. with jacket items to wear of the occasions

Now if you're on the other side of the spectrum, STRUGGLING gaining ANY weight at all, fats are very good to consume since they're very calorie rich and doesn't fill you up like carbs do. That means you can consume tons of calories easily.

And no, I didn't eat that donut. And pizza? I had one 2007. I just don't eat what I consider junk.

For more about my concept: http://fighterdiet.com/fighter-diet-pak-fitness

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