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Started PT today for my side/back. Yeah, it hurt. And they really only did mostly eval today and did a cold pack treatment. I go back Wednesday. Hoping and praying this does some good. I, quite frankly, have been living on pain pills and I don't like that. This back/side thing makes the MS pain seem almost juvenile in comparison and it's messing up what was a pretty progressive in the positive direction trend for me since March. I'm not losing as much weight (because I can ba ... rely sit and walk let alone bed exercise anymore). I had a Dickens of a time trying...TRYING...to sit at my sewing machine last week to sew for that miserable craft show (LOL...stop whining about it, Toni, it's done).

Anyway, I sure would appreciate some prayer if you who are reading this are so inclined. My doctor...and I hasten to add he's the BEST doctor I have had since Dr. Lee when my kids were...still kids. He's sort of stumped right now.

A few weeks ago it might have been a kidney stone in my left kidney because that is where the worst pain is...and I did have signs of blood in my urine test at both his office and at the hospital. And the pain let up right after a VERY INTENSIVE night of pain (when I might have passed the stone). And the pain got better for awhile....but now it is coming back gangbusters again. So now he's thinking muscles or pinched nerve maybe. So he's got me trying PT (thankfully, like his office, PT is right next door, too...a short scooter ride away). white items to wear for little women

Hoping and praying it starts helping. I am about to turn 62 in a few weeks and THANK GOD I have never had any back issues until about 8-10 weeks ago...IT STINKS. I simply go to pick my LIGHT garbage out of the can...and my whole left back/side goes....NOPE, WE ARE NOT GOING TO DO THAT!!!!

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