wedding wears of linen fabric

Sadly human life became less meaningful than a piece of carved stone. There is, as of today a world population in excess of 7.5 billion people. Of those 7.5 bilion people, there over 7.5 billion thoughts and opinions, each unique and individually beautiful. Yet some demand we succumb to their ways as the only way. thru force, fear and manipulation. Sadly so many cower to their iron fist.

Cowards murder in the name of freedom, they think their way is lord supreme. Taking human life at any level is wrong, We all are called to be a brother & neighbor to those around us. Who made us to be like God ruling over life and death? Well it certainly wasn't God supreme, He is not like that (IMHO) Driven by rage, hate anger and racism this young man came to town looking to take a stand for a thought, a way, a belief.... what was gained? GRIEF for the girls family, Grief for the assailants family and GRIEF for this young girl's friends. What was lost.... way too much money cannot afford to buy. Was there any winners? No not really, but angers were fueled, divisions expanded and greater hate exploded like cancer.

Sadly we dwell on a planet where hate & division because of race, religion and personal beliefs are force fed by the masses. The media takes what seems to be crippled and gives stories greater life playing the phone game. So many witnessed this atrocity live and in person and so many more via social media and news outlets. we are being desensitized to death and destruction Yet my heart grieved when I watched this on the news feeds shown over and over. I had to ask the hostess to change the channel, because i could over hear the crowded room sound like an episode of Jerry Springer no winners.... Yet who cried inside asking God to comfort this girls family? How many grieved for the loss of human life? Should we not all consider and give each member of the human race dignity and love? wedding wears of linen fabric

I honestly think at times we need to keep our own opinions private and to ourselves. "Let not my words become gasoline for another's fire"

For what obsesses you, controls you, making you a slave and subservient to the very thing you want others to see, and be set free from. Pleasant words turn away wrath! Violence only begets more of the same. I for one am tired of all the violence abound me today.

Me 2017 !!!