wedding hostess dresses

This picture has a lot of truth...I thought Junior year was gonna kill me with prom and dress and the humdinger $600 class ring, but this Senior year is killing me already!! Just paid $150 for formal senior pics and thats not even including the casual senior pics which will be more than that. Then I get slapped with the gracious Jostens Senior package deal last night for invites and all that good junk for a whopping $350, which isn't a "deal" to me and it didn't even include half of what she wants or the cap/gown. I am obviously in the wrong business.. And yes I'm being a cry baby and I know a lot of parents have "been there, done that", but Its my turn to cry about it now. There website should really say "Ripping parents off since 1897" LOL They could really use some competition!! wedding hostess dresses # senioryear # itsallaboutthemoney