wedding dresses for short women

random joke :p :p # emix :p
1. The awkward moment . When the invigilator says jump
question 6 we will rectify it later, but it
was the question you enjoyed most
when answering... :p abeg kukuma kill me :D
2. Can't Satan jst apologized to God so dat
we all go back to garden of eden naked!!! :( :(
cuz clothes are becoming
expensive dis days :D :D
3. Am tired of this recession o :( >_< . Yesterday i bought suya 200naira and its only onions i saw and only like 50 suya :p :p
4. To those girls that says they want to marry thier book . :( now you are pregnant pls which subject impregnated u o :p :p
5. If u are married to a short guy and he get u annoyed . Just don't worry take his phone and put it on top of the wardrope . wedding dresses for short women :p :p lemme come and be going before the beating take place :D
6. A girl can be 21 with 2 kids while
another one can be 18 with 3 abortions but the society will judge the 21 year
old simply because her decisions are
visible. :( :( :(
7. Most men cheat with their wedding
ring on their finger. And you think your
boyfriend won’t cheat coz YOU'RE his profile picture?? . :p :p my sister continue fooling yourself o :p :p
8. All I hear is “NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE”. If that was God’s plan
then u would have receive your penis
or vagina on your wedding day. :p :p lemme come and be going before thunder locate me :D
9. Love is when your boyfriend catches
you naked with another man and says
honey dress up and we go home. :( :(
Do u know death ? Death is when u follow him
:p :O
10. I feel
for Women who are married to
Teachers, instead of finding money in the pocket when washing, they find
Chalk or list of noise makers. :p :p over wisdom no go kill me :D :P
Still #emix :p :p Good night .