wedding dresses for pregnant women

Question for my mom/medical professional friends...

Yesterday my midwife prescribed me a couple of medications because my morning sickness symptoms are out of control. At this point, I can't ride in a vehicle or even drink water without throwing up :/ but I'm SUPER weirded out by taking these medications. Did any of you guys take Phenergan and Unisom while pregnant? These are class C medications, and I can't find a lot of research on them, but all my Drs are telling me they a ... re perfectly safe. I feel like being this ill for this long has started to effect my mental health a little, but if there's even a remote chance that these could cause adverse effects, I'm not going to take them. And I should add I'm already taking b6 three times a day, drinking ginger in everything, and trying to eat something every two hours, even if it's just crackers. wedding dresses for pregnant women
Any input would be very appreciated!

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