wedding dresses for fat brides

Has anyone ever asked you for something that when you went to search for it ended up doing some soul searching that led to some big realizations?

That happened to me recently.

My coach (who happens to also be one of my best friends) is going to a leadership conference and was asked to bring photos of people with whom she has been working.

So, I went digging through older photos on my computer and found my very first "before" photo.

It was as I had remembered.... a girl who felt the need to fix her hair and do her make-up before taking the photo because it was going to be seen!

I felt fat and ugly in that photo -- and you can tell by my face that I'm also pretty insecure.

I have lost and gained and lost and gained and lost and.... you get the picture.

I don't know the total pounds and inches for sure, but I know that in that first picture, I weighed about 165 pounds. I don't know what the measurements are... I was three months away from my wedding and was terrified that I was going to look like a very pregnant bride (but I assure you there is no baby there!) My coach promised me that if I stuck with the program, I would not look pregnant in my dress. wedding dresses for fat brides

She, of course, was right...

Since that time, I have fallen off the wagon, jumped back on, fallen off, jumped back on.....

and I realized that the falling off? It usually happens when I most need to stay on track -- during times of extreme stress and loss.

In the past two and a half years, I have lost my 11 year old nephew to a fatal accident, gained a husband, lost a dog, gained a dog, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, my uncle diagnosed with Parkinson's and then lung cancer, we put our house on the market, took it back off, lost an uncle two days before losing my dad, am struggling financially......

You get the picture. There has been a lot of "ish"...

So, this side-by-side? It represents a whole lot more than just the physical change you can see.

It represents so much growth on the INSIDE! Today, I feel more self-confidence and more self-love than I have ever felt. Ever.

I have learned that the outside changes are NOT going to stick with you if you don't go through the growing pains on the INSIDE. That it's INSIDE where the real magic happens.

While I still have a long way to go in this journey of mine... I can look at these photos and see for myself how far I've come.

The January photo? Fresh out of the shower, no hair fixed (just dried) and no makeup.

And that picture was put on my like page for the WORLD to see. My mask has been removed. <3

All because I took a chance.... and someone believed in me. Someone who didn't HAVE to believe in me.

If you need someone to believe in you... to listen to your story... to hold your hand as you travel your own journey.... I'm right here. All you have to do is message me. Let's get you started on the journey of a lifetime.