spaghetti evening gowns

The cat and mouse game is back in the streets of the Capital, as a combined force of municipal police, zimbabwe republic police and military police, were on vendors today.
Really how best can the issue of the poor citizens reduced to vending under the 37yr misrule by our former dear leader be dealt with ???
These are poor innocent women with babies strapped on their backs who have scoffed at temptations of joining other women who try to earn a living through immoral acts like prostitution................
There are also poor innocent youths pushing carts in the middle of the streets in order to earn a living in a respectable way, they have refused to join those who abuse drugs, way lay people, attack them and rob them.
Gone are the days when many families used to have proper budgets and had special days to visit the markets, now the markets have to visit the people, hence you see smartly dressed men in suits surrounding a cart of tomatoes after hours( not like a cabal of criminals which was surrounding former president Mugabe) buying tomatoes. spaghetti evening gowns
Ladies nicely dressed swarming like bees around a lorry full of wild fruits Mazhanje eating as much as they can without even cleaning them with water, (forget about cholera,typhoid)
before buying. Even cooked food is served on the street named after our former leader Mugabe.
If you walk carelessly you get burnt by fire as you find yourself by a stall of someone who is roasting maize, as people hunt for the elusive money in the city.
Many who used to frequent restraunts, can't afford to do that and can settle for a cheap meal on the street, forget about hygienic issues..
It is really an issue which deserve to be tackled in a human way as force alone won't solve the problem as the vendors will play the cat and mouse game making the city be a caricature of the former sunshine city whose status we hope will be restored soon..