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14 years old Obiamaka Orakwe was raped to death by four miscreants in her father's house in Lagos. Her crime; rejecting advances from the 4 devils.
This evening I raised the issue while buying from a man's shop and all he could say is 'Some of these children are the cause of rape'.
Can you imagine such heartless and wicked statement coming from a father of four which includes a 9 year old daughter? He even argued that a 14 year old is not a child.

Yesterday on Jen Ebere 's post , one Chidi Ogbonna described a 14 years old bride who killed her 40 years old abusive groom in Niger State by defending herself with a pestle as 'an angry materialistic feminist'!
Why do adults who should protect children from evil adults defend and justify rape and pedophilia?
Why do we blame victims of rape and pedophilia?
How can children bring rape upon themselves? Just how?
I weep.

I walked out of that shop after a shouting match without buying anymore promising myself never to set foot in that shop again. I cannot patronize anyone who blame rape victims and definitely not when a child is involved. simple style wedding outfits for plus size ladies
There is still no justification to rape a naked or indecently dressed woman.

Humanity has lost it!