short with black colored items to wear

I will never pretend to understand how our emotions and feelings, wants or desires, can become so tangled up in calamity and confusion that we cant even make sense of what our minds or hearts are intending to do. Its like a constant battle with self to seperate fact from fiction, want and need from love and true intent of care of each others heart, intent from motive, Or at least the ability to not care so freaking much about Everything! Its REALLY all just one really big fu ... zzed up television screen youre trying to sort a picture from
. At what point do we just stop and get off the merry-go-round that has lead us exactly back to the beginning of the same spin? I would seriously give just about anything, to cut the constant back and forth, back and forth, ocd, over-analyzing, over -animated, over- drawn, over -extended thoughts off for one full night of blissful sleep OR numb. Free of dreams. Absolute nothingness. To wake up to a new day, a new hope, a new understanding, and a better solution for your personal situation....... short with black colored items to wear

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