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One for the parents out there to store in their memory banks... So, if anyone's wondering, there is a thing called an amoxicillin rash. It is not an allergic reaction to penicillin (although, don't guess, a doctor will want to see it.) 10% of children get it and it seems to be a reaction to the banana medicine itself. In Raph (10m) it was a red spotty rash everywhere and then raised blistery spots on his forehead, hands and knees. The dr said it probably wasn't the amoxicilli short length wedding garments in white color ... n but maybe a random virus, so I gave him what should have been the penultimate dose and it flared up much worse with really angry blisters and he's had a terrible night with severe trapped wind (which may or may not be linked to the amoxicillin or general anitbiotics). So yeah, if your baby gets that kind of a rash, think carefully about giving another dose. Public information broadcast over. # AmoxicillinRash (photo of the rash on his knee.)

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