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Returning to work tomorrow but still have so many things I have to do related to mom. And it's killing me that I won't be there to know everything that is happening. Give her support and company in such a scary place for her during such a scary time. She is confused and scared and doesn't understand why her body won't cooperate with her brain. Then her brain is being attacked by protein deposits that make all of this just even scarier because they cause hallucinations. She was perfectly fine and woke up one day and didn't know how to do anything and a day later couldn't walk, a day later hallucinated. Imagine being able to do everything you need to do on your own today, but waking up tomorrow unable to walk, so you can't get from the bed the bathroom to go potty. Unable to dress and undress yourself. Unable to feed yourself because of the extreme tremoring. Unable to just go brush your teeth, go take a shower. Completely dependent on CNAs. And not all of them are nice. I hate this so much. I've never been so sad and helpless in my life. There are days where she doesn't know who I am and has thought I am her mom. But the past couple days she has known it's me. She only thought Dad was her own dad when we first got to the facility. And my poor dad who is the most stubborn man on earth, refused to go to a doctor for himself, and it is very very obvious that he has just your standard Alzheimer's. He just watched his daughter go thru cancer last year and then his wife a few months later. It was shortly after that when his symptoms started. I have to get power of attorney but Dad would never sign something like that because he's stubborn and he's not in his right mind. Any guidance on what to do about that is greatly appreciated. I believe everything happens for a reason, but this, there is no reason for this. Not at all. I hate this disease and I hate that my mom is at a nursing home for rehab and so far no progress. I want her at home with a daytime homehealth nurse that I approve of and all her therapy sessions to come to her. Today I ordered her weighted silverware for Parkinson's patients hoping she will have an easier time eating. My mom never did anything bad in her life. She never smoked, drank, did any recreational drugs, was a virgin when she married my dad. Their 48th wedding anniversary is on the 19th. My dad's birthday was Tuesday. He also didn't deserve this. He's a good man. He might be grumpy as heck sometimes, but he's just a good hard working man who has always worked his butt off to give me and my sister a great childhood and take care of mom. ALWAYS puts himself last. Not even last, just not even on the list. I have to find a way to get their bathroom remodeled ASAP if she makes any progress with therapy and is able to return home. She is definitely going to come to my house and I will figure it out from there. Hopefully the social worker is going to be able to answer more questions. I just have so much more talking to do with the speech therapist, occupational therapist, and physical therapist, get her an appointment with a neurologist that has a lot of experience treating Lewy Body Dementia Parkinson's. Dr. Sutherland's office still hasn't returned my call, so I'm finding someone else. I have a list so long that I don't think I could accomplish it all this week even if I weren't at work. How am I going to do all this while working full-time and keeping up with my business as well? Not to mention, keep up with housework and spend time with my children. Please please pray for my family right now. I'm praying for a miracle. This is certainly not a happy holiday season for us this year. sexy wedding dresses 2019