sequin style items to wear for the party

I found this just from searching for Plexus and Epilepsy on Facebook.
Do you know someone who suffers from SEIZURES? Epilepsy?

Plexus does not claim to cure any disease...but what it can do is help relieve symptoms or side effects from some diseases or Rx drugs. Check this out...
Doris Benton is a mother who has two sons that have seizures! She shared the following information about her son Josh. ...
"In a couple of months Josh will be turning 19, he hasn't had a seizure in 5 years. Thanking God for being such a good doctor. Josh is on the right medication to stop them. But with medication comes many side effects. Here is a list of some of side effects:sleepiness or fatigue, irritability, poor coordination dizziness loss of appetite/weight, upset stomach, headache, agitation or irritability,poor coordination or tremor speech problems, poor concentration, itching, vision problems and the list goes on. This list is horrible and I never wanted my son to have these. sequin style items to wear for the party
Since he's started the Plexus: No more headaches, no more agitation or irritability, poor coordination, sleepiness or fatigue! He's doing wonderful with the all natural products along with the seizure medication. Years of searching for something to help, has paid off with the Plexus Slim, Probio5, Bio Cleanse, and X Factor!! And yes his Neurologist has checked the list of ingredients, and said yes to all!"

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