purple and lavender wedding garments

I am so tired, but very happy. A short while ago, Rajesh Sharma (Mayor of Crawley last year) asked me if I would film the 70th celebrations at the Hawth. He suggested that I might like to watch some of the programmes on offer during the week on the subject. Which I did. I have a love for India. Mick and I went there as a late honeymoon treat, for 3 weeks. The first week was spent in the Taj Malabar in Kochin, very posh. I sang some blues with the resident band and was waited on hand and foot, but it was not the India I wanted to see. So we jumped on a train and travelled down to Varkala. Perfect. We found a cliff top set of bamboo huts that were labelled "Heavenly Feelings". We had a wet room and a bed. It was our wedding anniversary, so the local fishermans wife dressed my hair in a marriage plait, while her children gathered around as I drew them pictures of things, and the un-nappied youngest sat on my lap (he was so adorable). The eldest daughter had been married the day before and was full of blushes and giggles.. Then the rains came, we got soaked lol. The cliff top tailor had spent the previous day making me a lovely Indian dress to wear for our night in the Heavenly Feelings treehouse (so precarious). We sat there for hours, watching the lights of the fishing boats out at sea. They had decorated it especially, and kept climbing up and down the ladder all night to bring us some lovely fish, lobster (and wine but don't tell anybody purple and lavender wedding garments ;) ) and rice. The sight of us climbing down the ladder at the end of the evening (by all accounts, and the laughter from down below)) was a sight to see.. We made many friends there, they even wanted to take hubby fishing with them, but I said no. I was worried about the size of fish that they were bringing in. They did take him off one day on the back of a motor bike for a massage, while I read my book (The Stars Tennis Balls by Stephen Fry, the best book I've ever read :) ). India does something to you when you are there. If you are thinking of going there, be prepared to fall in love, mostly with it's people. 3 weeks, and 300 stories. A magical place. Here is our film of our trip, taken with a throw away camera, before we had bought a proper one :)xxx

Kerela, India Taj Malabar,Cochin, and Kerala Bamboo House, Varkalayoutube.com