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Two great writer that express themselves perfectly and make us feel what we felt.

Donna Brown Arrants

As our kids transition to college, parents make a transition too. It's normal to be a little sad because an important chapter is ending. But it's also important to let them know how excited we are for them and how confident we are in them. After all, they shouldn't have to worry about us when they are just about to spread their wings and fly! I will have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed being part of their world, driving them to and from baseball, swimming, music lessons, scouts, church, band and friend's houses. I enjoyed getting to know all their friends, friends parents, cheering them on, supporting them, and volunteering in their activities. And I will miss it. I've always enjoyed my life, my friends, and my work. But the most important and rewarding part of my life was being there for them. It's hard not to feel like a little like Woody in Toy Story 2, when Andy put him away to go off to college. But now it's time to reconnect with my husband, my friends and my dreams. And I still have lots of goals and dreams to accomplish! But I will always be here for them! I will keep trying to make a difference in this world! plus size wedding wears for maternity brides