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On the eve of her her birthday
Pls friends I need your candid opinion on this. I have this friend of mine who I have known for a long time now until along the line we had misunderstanding.the issue was that when she needed my help I couldn't help wasn't my intention not to help just that my salary as at then was as little as a penutt.the love I had for her was pure and genuine and I was praying to God to end up with her.I loved her so much to the extent that even if she wrong me after getting angry sometimes I found my self even asking her for forgiveness before she does.I see her as part of my life. Not even if she cheats on me can end our relationship because I see her as mine that its only far distance that makes her do so.even though we didn't end the relationship we just gradually stopped communicating with one another.I can never hide the likeness I still have for her.I have tried my best to get her attention to even just to be friends but she kept on snubbing me.even on my birthday she didn't send me any message.all my effort to get her attention have proved abortive.she can never returns my calls or message. plus figure long bridesmaid gowns
Guys I know am comic in nature and funny on my updates but this is very important to serious about this.if you are on my shoes what will you do.I need your candid opinion. Tommorow is her birthday.