plain and simple style wedding collections

Only for Muslim, I eat very less daily , even I don't eat for few days. I don't feel hungry and thirsty.I sleep less every night, Even I don't sleep. I don't feel tired during my working day. I just feel the time travelling too fast now a day. I don't feel enough 5 time praying daily.I do my thing with my Allah. I do , I feel and I satisfaction. But I still want to seeks my lover Allah SWT.not money , not scooter, not status, not to be praise not hope help from human being.Most human being is a slave to the social needs not to Allah. Only Allah and only Allah is in my breath.I am stay away from the social activity to clean my heart, sooner or later. Because once you mixing with the social your heart will be dirty ever and ever. Thank you. plain and simple style wedding collections

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