mother of the groom or bride wears in vintage style

I passed the legumes re-intro with flying colors. I passed the non-gluten grains re-intro without any issue. I already know I have an issue with cow's milk, but I was hoping I could partake of butter and cheese and possibly a little sour cream now and again. Dairy seems to affect sinus drainage, which never totally went away even after 40 days of no dairy but it was way less, and, it gives me some farkles (gas). I had butter on broccoli Tuesday, cheese and sour cream on a taco salad on Wednesday, cheese on a sandwich Thursday, cheese on a sandwich today, along with creamer in my coffee.... I am feeling the effects. I also managed to jump right in with gluten grains as well so really, I don't know if it's the dairy or the bread affecting me.... but I am pretty sure it's the dairy. I also had sugar for the first time in 41 days, eating sorbet yesterday when it was so hot. So I am going back fully on Whole30 with legumes and non-gluten grains added, for about 7 yo 10 days, and will re-intro dairy again, one product at a time, and see how it goes. I have maintained my weight for 3 weeks now mother of the groom or bride wears in vintage style :)