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His family-friendly witchcraft has seduced toddlers to elders. And while Disney’s image is impeccable; earning more accolades and awards than anybody; the real Walt Disney was a Luciferian Gnostic.

Walt Disney was a Rosicrucian – a secret society dedicated to gnosis and alchemy. He also belonged to the Masonic order called DeMolay International. Although no records indicate Walt Disney was a Freemason; he kept that hidden from the public.
Many Freemasons keep their membership private. To maintain Walt’s legendary image; he kept his masonic records secret. However, his brother Roy Disney was a well-known Freemason.

At Disneyland, in New Orleans Square is an elite private group called “Club 33”; which alludes to Freemasonry. The hoi polloi cannot join “Club 33”; as it’s reserved for the “rich” and “famous” by special invite. The waiting list is up to 14 years and costs a hundred grand. To enter the club, you must pass through the Masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin. The two pillars symbolize the arcane knowledge of the antediluvian world passed on by Hermes Trismegistus.

Walt Disney employed masonic architecture in the building of Cinderella’s castle. Disney’s castle was designed after the Bavarian castle of the Masonic fairy tale King Ludwig II. Bavaria was the birthplace of the Illuminati; which infiltrated Freemasonry. In an episode of Disney’s DuckTales, a poster reads “Ask about the illuminati”.

Another Masonic symbol is located at Disney’s Big Thunder Mountain rollercoaster. At the base of the mountain, there is a crate labeled “H. Abiff’s Working Tools”. This refers to Hiram Abiff, the first Master Mason, who built Solomon’s Temple.

Walt Disney’s early life was troubling. He came from a neurotic home; with a mother who was quite cold to him. This explains why Disney’s heroes are motherless. His father was abusive – both physically and emotionally. Walt got his worst beating – the day his father found him wearing makeup and dressed in his mother’s clothes. That night Elias beat Walt, shouting “I am not raising a queer”. Filled with insecurities and fears; Walt became a compulsive bed-wetter.

Walt’s deepest sexual desires were with virile young men. Although he was married, he had no romantic interest in his wife; it was a business transaction. According to numerous sources, Walt hired male escorts to please him sexually. Walt Disney was a homosexual and pedophile. This explains why Disney hosts Gay Days and lights up Cinderella’s Castle in rainbows. And why Disney is so invested in gay, lesbian, and transgendered propaganda.

Disney’s early films have a pedophilic vibe with sexual subliminal messages. Certain animators claimed that Disney fell in love with a boy actor named Bobby Driscoll. The boy was used for the voice in Peter Pan. Later Bobby became a methamphetamine addict and died at the young age of seventeen. Disney’s magical pixie dust – didn’t help!

Life at Disney’s studios was no fairy tale. Walt received all the glory for the years of creativity and hard work of his employees. After the success of Snow White, Walt held a monster party for Disney workers at Lake Norconian that ended in a moonlight orgy. Although Walt would fire people for failure to meet his dress code; he allowed this incident to slide.

Despite Disneyworld being a top vacation spot; a lot of demonic activity takes place there. One employee, named Mitchell claims a drug dealer dressed up as Winnie the Pooh – sold acid outside Epcot theme park. While other cast members were performing high on drugs and having sex on Disney property; even masturbating in costumes. And during Disney’s Gay Day, tourists have witnessed gays kissing and fondling one another in public. And yet, this is the wonderful world of Disney.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, it has been revealed that Disney was an FBI agent. His cartoons were used as war propaganda. After the war, the Magic Kingdom was used for the Top Secret MK-ULTRA mass brainwashing. Underneath the Magic Kingdom is an underground tunnel used for mind control and creating pornography.

Hollywood stars Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christiana Aquilera, etc. were groomed from the beginning by Disney via the Mickey Mouse Club. Nearly all of Disney’s top Stars have been involved in scandals; having mental breakdowns, releasing sex tapes, getting busted for drugs, getting incarcerated etc. It’s not a coincidence that Miley Cyrus goes from innocence to whoredom in a short time. Disney wants your daughters to follow in Miley’s footsteps. No wonder Satanist Anton Lavey taught that Disney was one of their “guides”. mother of the groom dresses for fall

Written by Jonathan D Hoegle