mother of the bride dresses long

This is why people are not standing for the anthem:
Can't sell CD's (Alton Sterling), Can't sleep (Aiyana Jones), Can't walk from the corner store (Mike Brown), Can't play cops and robbers (Tamir Rice), Can't go to church (Charleston 9), Can't walk home with Skittles (Trayvon Martin), Can't have a Hair brush while leaving your OWN bachelor party (Sean Bell), Can't party on New Years (Oscar Grant), Can't get a normal Traffic ticket (Sandra Bland), Can't run (Walter Scott), Can ... 't LIVE (Freddie Gray), Can't BREATHE (Eric Garner), Can't have the rights to Lawfully carry a Weapon (Philando Castile)and you can't break down on a public road with car issues(Corey Jones) Can't shop at Walmart (John Crawford).Can't have a disabled vehicle (Terrence Crutcher) can't read a book in your own car (Keith Scott). Can't sleep or pass out in your car because you're too tired to drive after going out (Marquintan Sandlin & Kisha Michael). Cant walk down a dark stairwell in the projects (apparently didn't deserve lights or life; Akai Gurley). This list is never-ending. But THIS is WHY. mother of the bride dresses long # facts # RIP # saytheirnames

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