mermaid trumpet selections for wedding 2018

Wow - what a great Kingdom Expressions Son Group tonight that included healing prayer. I was having similar stomach cramps and pain that both Jason and Diane had recently had, and Rosemary Yeboah Ayensu-Aboagye prayed for me and I felt better and well within five minutes. Praise God. There were 17 in attendance tonight and several were touched by God in this way.

I later heard a great testimony from Michael and Teri Sacco that they plan to share on Sunday at Kingdom Encounters. Michael and Teri are such a huge help to the overall ministry, and I am so grateful to have them serving in this capacity. I also want to thank and bless Angie Olson for she does and is doing at Kingdom Encounters. She is a delight to minister with.

Saturday morning is our first Saturday of the month coffee with the pastor, hosted by us this month at our home. We are thankful for each of you and hope many can attend. We will provide coffee, tea, hot chocolate and some kind of muffins or pastry to go with it. We look forward to having you join us at 9:30 a.m. Someone asked me why we did not have this in November and the answer is that we did, but it was in California at Bethel Church and for some reason only mermaid trumpet selections for wedding 2018 Jason , Marilyn and Dorothy were able to attend. (smile)

We will move this back to a local coffee place in January. (if you need our address or directions, be sure to message me)