long floor-length wears for girls

To my Dear future Wife.

Sweetheart when you are Pregnant, I won't
allow you Do anything stressful till you
deliver our baby. You don't have to bother
about anything. I can handle it. Please I
don't want to see you out of bed by 5 a.m
multitasking between making breakfast and
doing the house chores. I will take care of
that. You just watch T.V while I serve you
breakfast in bed..
I know you will be going to the hospital for
Antenatal, I will always be available to drive
you there myself. You can't drive yourself na.
The Doctors will advise you do regular
exercises to keep fit, i'll be your personal
Gym instructor. On cool evenings, we'll take
a stroll around the Neighbourhood and
when we come back i'll massage your feet..
I heard pregnant women crave the weirdest
food and sometimes strange food
combination. Even if you want to eat half
done white rice with Coconut water by 3am,
i'll give you. I'm equal to the task. I just don't long floor-length wears for girls
want to see you anywhere near the kitchen.
On my way back from work each day, i'll
make sure I buy you enough fruits. You may
not eat all but I will keep buying more! I will
spoil you with gifts. As the size of your
tummy increases; i'll buy you new clothes
that will fit!..
You think we are out of food stuffs? Don't
worry! Write a list of the things you feel we
need, i'll go to the market and buy them.
While in the market i'll still call you incase
you need to add more items to the list. I
can't allow you go to the market, I don't
want people pushing you up and down. You
don't need stress at all.
You want to turn on the tap in the
bathroom? Call me!
You want to rub cream on your back? Call
You want to kill mosquito? Call me!
You want to open any door in the house?
Call me!
I will be your House boy till you deliver!..
You may be the one carrying the baby
physically but I'd ensure I carry the baby
with you psychologically with all the Love
and care I can give!.. oh! Lest I forget, our
first child will be a Girl.. Don't Argue!..

# Hardex LEE