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Many of you have been very supportive over the last year and for that I am so thankful. Becoming a mother has forced me to question my way of thinking and how I handle situations and people. I am definitely flawed but I hope to grow and improve my areas of weakness over the next year - to own up to my own faults.

Part of this growth I hope to nurture is with my other brainchild Zardozi a global platform that my sister and I created for South Asian women to read about inspir ... ing women, fashion, weddings and culture.

As we grew we felt that our brand needed to grow too and tell more real and honest stories. One of the hardest stories I told was about how I felt my c-section changed me. I wrote this piece one late night when I felt I finally had to accept my journey into motherhood. My home birth story was calm and beautiful, I felt lucky to have experienced the highs of labor yet due to an emergency things turned to scary and confusing all at once. It took me a very long time to get over it and some days I still question if I am over it. Having missed those first moments, hours of holding my newborn baby is something that haunts me though I know I'm so lucky for this beautiful and healthy blessing.

Dealing with the post partum emotions was something that I never quite expected and felt unprepared for. The truth is that I'm not sure anyone can prepare you for this as every journey is so different. I do know though that as women we need to support each other more and show more support in the right ways. I'm thankful to my partner, friends and family who came out and cooked for me when my hair was falling out, did my laundry when I could barely climb the stairs and showed me love even when I was likely blank and disconnected. With the combination of being sleep deprived, learning how to be a mom and questioning if I was doing it right some days it all felt like too much even with an amazing support system. I hope that sharing my truth helps other new mothers out there and helps empower us one story at a time. junior suitable items of the party to wear

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How my C-Section Changed Me as a Mother | Zardozi Magazine This is the story of a mother who chose a natural birth. But after requiring a C-section, her story became an emotional rollercoaster.zardozimagazine.com