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Hello ladies in the house ur relationship expect *Anita is back.Today we are going to discuss ten tips that can make a man fall in love with u.

Its easy to attract a guy and make him like u. The hard part is knowing how to make a man fall in love with u. If u really want a man to fall in love with u,u need to understand men and their ways,and use it to ur advantage.
NOTE: you need not to change a thing about urself.
#1:Dress attractively" men are visual and women know this ... better than anything else. When u are out with ur guy,dress ur best. But dressing attractively doesnt just stop it magic there. If he sees another man admiring u,it will only make him desire u more. Men are really competitive when it comes to wooing women.

#2:Be pleasant and smile often"Men cant resist a cute smile. And if u can be pleasant and warm when u are with him,he will love u for it.

#3:Dont be rude"Men are compeletly put off by arrogant or rude women.

#4:Connect with him intellectually"Flirty conversations are sweet and cute,on ur date together,try and connect him interllectually now and then. Speak to him about his career goals,his ambitions and aspiration.e.t.c

#5:Work ur eye contact:Romantic eye contact can acctually make two people fall in love with each other in no time. It makes the guy feel warm and fuzzy,and would definatly stir his heart.

#6:Lingering soft touches"Men cant resist a lingering womans touch. Want to take this up a notch? Wear soft or satiny fabric when u go out on a date with ur guy u like. He would have a hard time keeping hands off u.

#7:Dont be easily availiable"This is tricky,but its definatly a great way to make a man in love with u. Once u know the guy likes u try to skip an occational date now and then for him to understand how special you are,and how much he really needs u.

#8:Show off ur talent"Surprise him with ur talent,u have to let him know that u are a bundle of happy surprises,waiting to be explored.

#9:Dont always agree with him" Compatibility is of great essence in a happy relationship. Remember, a man likes to flirt with a fun girl and have a serious conversation with an intetlectual girl. Give him the best of both worlds,and seriously he will fall in love with u.

#10:Dont let him know u have fallen for him"Men love the chase of a good romance. They take time to fall in love,but when they do,men fall hard in love. Let the guy u like know that u like him a lot,but never let him know that u have fallen head over heels for him. Make him wonder about how serious u are,and let him be the first one to make the move into a serious relationship. items to wear in cocktail which is made by designer

Ladies try this steps and ur guy will fall madly in love with u.** # Stay bless and spice up ur relationship##

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