items to wear for girls of the wedding

This subject has been coming up a lot lately so I figured I'd address it... Should you get tattooed while Pregnant?? I'm not a doctor and can only give an opinion based on knowledge I've obtained.. My answer is NO! I don't think any tattoo is worth any possible harm to your un born child. items to wear for girls of the wedding
The process of a tattoo adds un needed stress to your body
Some folks faint during a tattoo and have been known to fall
Even tho my setup is clean and ste ... rile your tattoo can still get infected
To my knowledge there isn't any FDA guidelines for tattoo ink, they could be using crack ( which explains why I stay busy)
If you ask me.. None of that sounds to healthy for a un born child in any stage of a woman's pregnancy. So that's why I WONT TATTOO YOU IF YOUR PREGO
So if you go to some other artist or hack that's on you but yes I'll be judging you :) ..

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