formal evening party wears


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Do you remember those days when a woman's
worth was far more than her figure?
Do you remember that girl you tripped for just
because she was reading a novel?
What about that clean girl whose white socks
and clean sandals gave you sleepless night? Wait
did i mention the one who swept you away just
because she challenged you and answered a
What about that humble and decently dressed
girl that was the woman of your dream.
Do i have to name the one who refused talking
to you because she thought you smoked
That one made you go crazy. The other one you
admired because she is hardworking and was so
The one who wanted to be a doctor or lawyer
you remember her? Her ambition made you go
crazy for her.
What is happening today?
Why has the society reduced a woman to nothing
but breast and butt?
Personally I think most women allowed the
society made them so cheap.
Guys now think all what makes a woman is the
shape of her breast and the size of her butt,
some even believe/say apart from sex, ladies got
nothing to offer in a relationship anymore...
Unfortunately this has made some girls with very
low self-esteem to concentrate on their looks
more than our being.
No doubt we have slay queens with empty heads.
For those who can afford a surgery or artificial
breast and butt gives them fake confidence.
The sole aim of most girls now is to be sexy. A
girl will do everything possible just to be called formal evening party wears
You spend hours learning how to twerk or drop it
like its hot. Many girls wants to be a stripper,
they all want to buy dresses that show their
figures, even when they want to take a picture,
all their poses look sexual.
Why have they allowed the society to make us
sexual objects???
You watch a music video clip today, the men are
properly dressed and dancing responsibly while
the woman is half-naked making sexual moves.
Please refuse to be sexualized and refuse to be
seen as just an object of pleasure.
There are something more than your figures and
your beauty.
Your figures and your beauty will not and cannot
define you.
You don't have to walk half-naked to be
Well, I drop my pen...