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In my opinion two things have precipitated the current state of politics in Kenya ie the curse of an overnight success and learning from a huge failure. when NASA went to supreme court they were too smart had facts and respected the due process of law. they burn their midnight oil had their day in court a beat jubilee hands down. NASA brigade ego was bloated by the huge success. the likes of Orengo became celebrity lawyers their word was law. they did the unthinkable they started trashing the law that made them: they failed to properly withdraw from elections. failed to get cue high court ruling to include other candidates. failed to participate in elections and assumed relevance of second supreme court ruling. Jubilee having suffered humiliation from first supreme court ruling knew the importance of the due process of law: accepted outcome of supreme court ruling,went to court to include other candidates, they insisted on iebc to hold the elections on the said date, they campaigned and when their second win was challenged in supreme court they defended themselves. the rest is history. dresses for second weddings