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Remembering Charles "Chip" Hendrickson with my poem 1932-2005
In memoriam ; Chip's last Dance
by Catherine DiBuono
Out of nowhere, she appeared, dressed daintily in gold and white
She said" I;m Adele, your Angel, here to giude you to the light'
His eyes now opened widely as she gently took his hand
He rose, so tall and splendid-it had been so many years
His hair she tied so neatly, shoulder-length behind his neck
His hat she placed gently on his head, gave him clothing of satin and lace.
He looked so grand and majestic
And a great smile lit up his face.
She intertwined her arm with his and said 'its time to go,
We've prepared a Grandroom Ball for you and have been waiting anxiously.
YOU are the guest of honor, not a note plays till you're there.
As they walked with grace towards the great white light
He turned his head to give
One last goodbye to those he loved, his arm waved high in the air.
He stood and waved so lovingly to say "I'll be alright"
Then turned and said, 'I'm ready now'
And Chip danced into the night by Catherine V Cathie DiBuono 2005

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About Frances C. Hendrickson

Growing up in Lincoln, Massachusetts, Fran was surrounded with the history of the Revolutionary War period. Lincoln is between the famous towns of Lexington and Concord, and was the site of Paul Revere's capture as he rode from Boston to alert sleeping residents of the British invasion.

Fran studied piano from the ages of 4 - 15 years old. It was painful to play in front of others so Fran was a living room musician. Many years later she brought her brothers accordion home and began to teach herself to play. Not long after that, she answered a poster from a dance leader looking for musicians. The poster was placed in the grocery store by Chip Hendrickson! She always told him, "See, it pays to advertise!" Chip sent her to learn to play for dancing with Marshall Barron of English Country Dancing fame and later introduced Fran to Will and Kate Tressler of The Jackson Pike Skifflers band. Fran was accepted into their group and continued to play with them for the next 17 years. They recorded two CD's of Traditional music, ballads, tunes for Country and Square Dancing. In the mean time, Fran formed the band Spring Fever. They recorded 18th century dance music to accompany the first dance book published by Charles Cyril Hendrickson - Chip - about Dancing Master John Griffiths. discount mermaid siren style wedding wears

In 1988, Chip and Fran created The Hendrickson Group. Fran continued to work as Senior Center Coordinator at Danbury Senior Center while Chip began performing as Dancing Master at schools, museums, historic societies, etc. Fran accompanied him evenings and weekends.

Chip and Fran began their married life together with a wedding service they wrote. This was performed by a minster friend in Tressler's field behind their barn with music by Kate Tressler and Dave McCann. Family and friends enjoyed dinner and country dancing afterward in the lovely barn. Friends performed songs and stories in honor of the newly wedded couple. Chip became step-dad to Fran's two boys, Adam and Chris. And later Grampa Chip to Adam's children.