detachable skirt wedding dress

You were born in a 1st class hospital, I was born
at home- but we are all living.
You woke up from bed, I woke up from a mat on
the floor- we all had a sleep.
You drink champagne, I drink coke- we all drank.
You ate fried rice, I ate gari- we all got
filled...nobody even know what we ate cos the
stomach is not a show glass.
You dress in imported suits and designers, I dress detachable skirt wedding dress
in native wears- we all cover our nudity.
I attended Penfield International School, you
attended Asonomaso L/A public school- we all
wrote the same WAEC.
You drive Range Rover, I drive tico- we all
reached our destinations.
You are reading this post from your iphone6 plus
or galaxy tab, I wrote this post using a Huawei
phone ,we are all reading and posting.
Why should I kill myself ?
Why should I commit suicide ?
Though life gives me 1000 reasons to cry but I
choose to celebrate God and be contented with
what I have.
Isn't God Great ???
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