cocktail for party with navy blue color

I'm having a real problem about women choosing to wear a burqa. The origin of covering the female body comes from many Middle eastern cultures and religions, but was originally worn to hide the beauty of women from men who might otherwise abduct or rape them. This implies that men cannot control their desires. Islam does NOT insist on full body covering - just dressing respectfully and modestly - and this goes for both genders. In many Middle Eastern countries, women do not have any choice in what they can wear and many are fighting for the freedom to dress as other women do, get an education, have careers, etc. But the constraint of the 'medieval' practice of wearing a burqa is holding them back. Here in the west, we have so many choices - so how about we free women choose to support our fellow women struggling for basic human rights by NOT perpetuating the myth that the burqa is a part of devotion to Islam. I would urge all women - Muslim, orthodox Jewish and any others to throw off your coverings and live a full and free life... Oh, and please do not encourage your little girls to sign themselves up to the restraint of the veil - let them have the freedom to choose in the light of full knowledge of what the veil implies. The 'veil' used to be called 'purdah' - yes, the place men sent women to keep them away from their lust! Time to grow up everyone - it's the 21st century, not the Middle Ages. cocktail for party with navy blue color