casual mother of the bride dresses

When the body cries out for food, one feels emptiness in the stomach, weakness in the muscles, and even sleepiness. If it goes on long enough, a faintness and headache may arise. But when the spirit is malnourished either from deprivation or a harmful diet, the gradual reaction in life is different. Spiritual weakness appears, as does sin. With sin comes ANGER, irritability, exasperation, depression, discouragement, melancholy, despondency, g ... loominess, bitterness, hatred, resentment, self-pity, hopelessness, despair, paranoia, envy, jealousy, FAMILY CONFLICT, arguing, divorce, drunkenness or other addictions, and competitiveness as self-centeredness deepens. Dont go on starving Isaiah 55:1 The Lord says "come everyone who is thirsty here is water...come ye that have no money buy corn n eat come buy milk n wine it will cost you nothing". The only requirements are our stomachs n desire. My God gives us the grace to be hungry in spirit. Blessings as u FEED casual mother of the bride dresses

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