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I know folks have already posted about the stomach bug here. Don't let it ruin your vacation! Best way to reduce your risk of getting sick?

Soap and water. SOAP AND WATER. Hand sani is good when you can't get to soap and water, but seriously, soap and water. You may laugh, but I carry a small bar of soap in my bag with me. A splash of water, a quick scrub, and another splash to wash the suds off. I dry my hands on a washcloth and wrap the soap back up in it.

Even the FDA says ... hand sanitizer should be used in conjunction with regular hand-washing, not instead of. (Of course, if it's your only option, use it! But don't rely on it alone!)

GET UNDER YOUR NAILS (that goes for soap and water AND hand sani). A nail scrub brush will go a long way to helping you keep clean. I am pretty obsessive about using the under-nail scraper on my Norse chatelaine when I'm at long events like Pennsic. Otherwise, take time before meals to clean under your nails and wash your hands.

DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE. Seriously. It's a hard habit to break -- we touch our faces hundred, if not thousands, of times per day. It's one of the best ways to significantly reduce your risk of getting sick.

Finally, carry a cutlery set (preferably with chopsticks!) in your pockets/bag/purse/basket. Don't pick up food with your bare hands. Yes, that means being "that person" who eats crisps with their chopsticks or uses a fork to eat fries. Would you prefer to look a little silly (PS: no one actually cares) or end up spending half your vacation sick?

But above all, if you feel yourself getting sick, *let someone know.* Your campmates will almost certainly be willing to help out and keep an eye on you. (And if it's a particularly bad case, try to stick to using just one port-a-castle and put a plague notice on the door. It's polite.) Gatorade and sekanjabin are good for rehydrating, but you may have to go to something more concentrated like Pedialyte (found in the baby aisle at the grocery store or Wal-Mart). black colored items to wear that looks sexy

Try to look after yourself, and try not to be Pennsic's Patient Zero.

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