beige wedding dress

Never fails!!!! There's nothing that aggravates me more or worse than getting out of the shower feeling all nice and clean and within seconds feeling all gross and clammy from busting out with what can only be described as a tsunami of sweat pouring from every part of my body!! WHY?!?! Yep, planned schedule just flew right out the window!! Before I can even get dressed or get my makeup on I've got to rush and get my hair started so it's not frizzy (the joys of natural curly hair) and then sit on ky bed with the ceiling fan on high and my box other fan sitting in front of the window unit that's set at 68 on high blowing right on me so I can get cooled off and stop the downpour from my face, neck and everywhere else, all the while praying and crossing fingers and toes that once I begin the applying of war paint to my face it doesn't decide to come a flood again making it impossible to get my face put on so in can get dressed and get out the door!! beige wedding dress

**side note**
Before I got in the shower I was freezing!! AAHH the wonderfully indescribable feelings and symptoms of "the change of life" we women are forced to endure!! For crying out loud I'm only 43!!!