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After battling with my doctor on Wednesday about medicines I dont want to take. I have decided, I am in charge of my own recovery, so I created a daily journal. I can print one over these per day and track my everything. My goal is to lose 70 lbs, which seems like a mountain to climb, but if there are 52 weeks in a year and I could lose 2 lbs per week I can lose that 70 lbs in 8 months.
My cholesterol will go away, my high blood pressure will go away, a lot of pain will go away, and my stomach issue will fade.
I went out for a walk. In the morning, God time yea! Walked 2 miles.
Came home took vitals and createdmy Chart, got my milkshake,
At lunch it encouraged me to write down healthy foods, eat healthy foods,
Even caught myself debating whether or not to eat left over mashed potatoes and gravy, because of carbs and starches,
Healthy lifestyle changes dont have to be boring.or expensive. You dont have to join a gym, you dont have to stress out,
My exercise time is my stress therapy, my time with God, there is not intimidation, no pressure, my diet is healthy foods gives me a chance to be creative with what I have and when I go to the grocery store, I can make a list of my favorite things and the kinds of foods I need, as I go. Portion sizes, become easy, I didn't have to go out and buy expensive stuff to figure it out. I went to a thrift store a long time ago and got small plates and bowls, for $ 2.00. Ucenter Dress vintage style items with lace decorated for a formal party
I can sit down at lunch time, and fill my plate, with veggies, proteins, fruit and small carbs and see the balance, and record calls if I want, but it builds my confidence that I am eating right, and even the small portions are enough that, I dont want that slice of chocolate cake. Or pie, or snack on crackers, binge foods. The small 1/4 cup of trail mix is satisfying.
You would be surprised at how fast those cravings go way.
Today is only day 2. But the mountain has been reduced to a small hill. Each day is one step closer to goal.
I see all this crap on TV, people selling all their weight loss plans and the trending craze of exersize that I can not do.
But one month fees at a gym, can buy a kids pool 8' round 30 inches deep, and that is enough for me to go kick in for 4 months in the summer. I stay cool the weightlessness of water exercise is easy on my Joints, and in the past I list 30 lbs in 4 months,
The cost of peddles, is 30.00 when I can't go walking, or have the convenience of a pool, I have my own peddles, and I can peddle for 2 hours watching a movie. Then there are exercises you can do to shape up, standing at the kitchen counter or while in doing laundry, vacuuming to the oldies.
Go you chicken fats Go!
Do you know that prevention Magazine had an article about Gardening being great exersize because of the digging holes and turning the ground and weeding, stretching etc. But another benefit is the energy you absorb from the earth, the minerals in the ground, it helps to balance the body, so take your shoes off sit ING the grass and dirt. Soak in some healthy energy. Bask in the sun while you are at it, drinks some carrot juice for your natural sunscreen.
Enjoy life while you are making life style changes and getting healthy .

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