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If you hate homosexuality, lesbianism, rape, incest, masturbation but you are watching porn then get ready you will surely become one soon.
THEY call it adult entertainment, there is nothing entertaining about pornography.
Its one of the lies of Satan that porn was made for marriage couples. The truth is that porn was made to destroy marriages.
The very moment you bring a porn movie to your house, you have invited a demon ... into your home.
Pornography in any form is dangerous, be it stories, cartoon, images, pictures, leaks, videos etc.
Once you are looking at another persons nakedness you are putting your life in danger.
The porn industry was created by the Illuminati, its their source of income, that's where they make their money.
Any porn story, image, site, video etc you download makes the illuminati rich and you poor.
By watching porn you are inviting demons into your life to torment you.
Anyone who watches porn has spiritual marriage and this spirits made them to masturbate.
*Physically and spiritually pornography and masturbation are dangerous*
The dangers are clear: masturbation has a ruinous effect on the body, soul and spirit.
It makes you sick, dull, unproductive, secretive, self centered and almost every day you regret ever knowing about porn
Sometimes you might not feel the need to get married, even if you are married, you will always be thinking about other girls or divorce.
*Pornography in any form (message, pics, images, videos, group chat) is dangerous, have nothing to do with it*

*Beloved, you can never break free from the spell and power of pornography and masturbation by yourself. Its only God who can help you. If you are really ready to break free from pornography and masturbation, there is help for you* Ucenter Dress vintage inspired gowns for mother of the bride
1) Confess your sin to God (1 John 1:9).
2) Ask God to cleanse, renew, and transform your mind (Romans 12:2).
3) Ask God to fill your mind with things that are true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, and commendable (Philippians 4:8).
4) Learn to possess your body in holiness (1 Thessalonians 4:3-4).
5) Understand the proper meaning of sex and rely on your spouse only for sex, if you are not married, pls wait till you marry. Get a counselor, a pastor or another Christian who will pray for you and help keep you accountable.

Copied and adapted.

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