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Proverbs 11:24-25
"One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want. Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered."
If this verse is anything to go by, it has explained d reason why many prayers are not answered.
I shared a story of a young man here before, one day he came across my posts n he was sending me credits ( recharge cards ) to help d work of God and anytime he didn't find me on line then he will call to know why I am not n send credit for me to stay.
He was working with a strict boss who never pay him well but that story changed d day he sent another n holy spirit minister to me n I pray with him. At work that day, his boss who never favor anyone called him n told him to bring his C.V , 2days later he was working at one of biggest Nigeria telecommunications company in Ghana. Some months ago, he had completed a building no one in his family has dreamt of. Ucenter Dress vintage and antique wears for a wedding
I know another lady, who has never been favored before aside from d gift of life she has. But one day, holy spirit minister to her to sow all her salary as seed. She did n I prayed with her, send her an anointing oil n few months later, she met this handsome rich born again Christian who took her out of this country n last year she got married to him n her life changed drastically.
A student at university of Lagos had 7carry overs out of 10 courses n he was advise to withdraw but holy spirit minister to him n he sowed a seed into my life then but behold, by d reason of anointing d yoke making him to fail was broken n his studies has ever since improved.
1. eccl 11:6 made it clear seed sowing is a continuous process for when u least expected d Lord will reward u. Abraham gives generously b4 he was blessed.
2. 2Corin. 9:6 made it clear that your seed can affect your prayer. To be answered or rejected.
3. Gal. 6:7 no one can deceive God, if u don't sow according 2 d proportion u hv your prayer will not b answered.
4. Gen. 26:12 made it clear that u sow a seed in d life of d person u want God to use for you, when his spirit is lifted his word shall bring forth blessings. Sow in d land n reap a thousand folds.
5. Luke 8:5 not all places u can sow seed to. If d land is not fertile your seed will not bring forth any reward.
6. 2Corin. 9:10 God is d rewarded of seeds n He gives according to d motive of your heart.
7. 1Corin. 9:11 anyone who minister to u spiritual can ask u to sow seed n if u obey u will be blessed.
8. Isa. 30:23 God open heavens for d prayer of seed sower to be answered.
Tithe n Offering are demands of God from certain people n to d house of God but seed must be offered to God's vessel from time to time.1sam. 9:6-8 Saul talks about how he intend to give to prophet Samuel b4 asking him for prayer at all. Jesus said anyone who blessed his disciples blessed him, he is talking abt seed.
I pray for those who will sow seeds today that your seed will provoke heaven to answer your prayers in Jesus name.