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Sex, Mate, copulate, no matter the term you coin it, it still has the same implications and effects. Sexual intercourse is one of the best gift ever to man. Nothing is as enjoyable as it is, no zest or merriment can be liken to it. Copulation sends men, real men to the world of infants when they are being ridden by their personal strumpet . A lot of young and old people engage in sexual rendezvous without minding or wanting to know the intrinsic spiritual implications of such act. Premature sexual escapades leads to premature dreams. Nowadays youths are mindless of the negative outcome of that few minutes pleasure. Even if one is to engage in such, one should, but with the use of protective instrument (condoms).
Many a time youths, male and female alike have in one way or the other said, the use of condom doesn't make them feel the real "thing", that using it doesn't allow deeper penetration and most importantly its prevents orgasm at the right time. Some ladies most especially, will say don't use it with me, I want to feel you more, or are we not in love? Why should I use it with my own boo. Their thought is, the usage of condom shows the shallowness or the level of their relationship. Doing it without condoms is a signpost that they are truly in love and the relationship has gone to the next level.
Those thought are not only myopic, empty, baseless but lacks logical reasoning. Sexual intercourse between unmarried people is well enjoyed and mind assured when it's done with a protection,(condom). When it's done with it, it prevents unwanted pregnancy, STD, STI best of all prevent you from marrying the wrong woman.

After such menancing call Louise received his mood was equiposed and he could hardly think of anything sane or pious, his whole body and soul were on the fresh and lush lady before him. At that point nothing makes meaning to him, as he has forgotten everything even his name and hair colour. Louise could forget everything but the use of condom on her lady he isn't sure of her status. They had it good that evening, so good that Amara was in tears when Louise ask her to leave after the 5th show. "Amara you be assassin? them send you to come use sex kill me? After five goals, you still want more. U beta wake up from there and come dey go Ur house. Me I don tire." Louise angrily said those to her because he was truly tired and wanted to rest, take a bath and go see Kachi.
Meanwhile, Mark and Kachi, are stone throw to Louise's apartment.
"Baby pls, just one, after this won't ask for another I swear. But this time you won't use condom o". Amara pleaded. Though, during the whole show, Amara had wanted Louise to have copulated with her without the use of protection. Being who he is, and his vehement antagonism for such he insisted on using it. Amara at the fourth round had wanted to use her hands to remove the "cd", only God knows why." Amara, please come and go, my eyes are aching me I can't do anything without taking good food and energy booster. OK Amara, tomorrow we will do it up to anytime you want." Louise suggested. "Baby, are u sure? Anytime I want? And without condom o." Amara replied."Yes my love, without condom."
Amara was very elated having been told such palatable news of having sex with her "only" Copper lover, was like a dream come true.
She immediately got dressed took a tin of three crown milk, in Louise cupboard and ask him to kiss her and touch her twin hanging on her chest. He did all those with much haste as he wanted to fulfil his promise to Kachi his new found love. At that point Louise knew something was to happen, his subconscious was being perturbed, he feels if he doesn't allow Amara lives something would happen.
Then he device a new means to make her leave quicker than she had planned. "My love, my world, I have to buy "agbo" that I will use tomorrow to give me strength to handle you very well, but if you stay one more minute I swear to God I won't do it with you ever." Louise said. Quickly she stood on her feet and head to the door. " No no! "Louise ran after her to prevent her from taking the front door rather he led her to the back exit door at the kitchen. He opened the door for her and led her to the back stairs. " kiss me before you leave"said Amara. Louise gave her a kiss and ran back to close the door after him.
He got back to the room to arranged his rumpled bed. When he got back to the room he perceived the double obnoxious smell. Quickly he opened the windows for cross ventilation and allow fresh air into his room, hardly had he opened the windows when Mark and Kachi knocked at his inner room door not the door to the entrance but his room's.
" Yes! Who is it please!" Louise inquired. "Mark". The visitor said. "Guy com in jare, see how u dey do like gentle man." when Louise raise his head to shake hands with him, he could not believe the person he saw. Louise yelled out of shock disbelieving the person he had seen.
"My morning dew, my present and future, my soft olive oil and tender breeze in summer. God truly has made this evening my day of honour. To what do I own this uninformed visit? Louise exclaimed.
He looked at her eyes, he discovered she had cried because there are still signs of it written on her face. Louise then said some zany remarks. "May heaven and earth cease to exist in the presence of the person that made you drop a tear, and for as many tears he made you shed, my future, may his days in hell be limitless." Come and take a seat my future." The first step Louise took was on a strange soft and watery substance . He was about to kick it aside when something pricked him to check first. Low and behold, its was the condom he had used. He looked at Kachi, who probably didn't look at him, or did, but decided to ignore. In order to hide the object from her, he deliberately dropped his phone and picked up both to his pocket. " have your seat please. What can I offer you please".Louise asked. "Anything strong" she responded. "I don't have any here, but give me one second to get you the strongest of all". "Please If you can get me "shisha" condiments I don't mind, or weed's." Louise at first was bewildered by her weird request. He shrug in bewilderment but in a second thought believed she wanted to use it abet herself to forget her sorrows. With the view of this, Louise had to contact one of his aborigine friends who can help him get the rather unspoken items.
"My future hope you were not bored by my absence? Here are the items you requested, I wanted to buy "501" but realised you could get tiddly and probably puke, so I got you "Magic Moment". She collected the wine opened it in a professional manner and almost empty it's content on a plastic cup, then added the weed, allowed it to ferment for twenty minutes, then gulp it all. She was about making the second concoction when Louise held her hands, before he could say jack, she had slept in has arms. Laid her down, cover her with his duvet.
Went straight to put on the gen in other to power the standing fan to give her some soothing.
When Louise got to the Kitchen to get dinner ready, he heard someone trying to force his or her way into his flat. Louise stood akimbo looking at the door also trying to see who it could be. Definitely can't be Amara because she doesn't come to his house at such hour because of the sister's husband who would have returned from work also, she would probably be making dinner by now. The taught that it's not Amara gave Louise some respite. In another twist what of if it's Ana, Louise good friend and secret lover, he loves her tenderly but both knew they don't have a future together due to the workings of nature. Though, both have constant proximity owing to the fact that they both share same PPA. Or it might be Tina, who stays an eye distance to his apartment. Tina is Louise close Admirer, both of them like eachother so much but jealousy from both corners would not allow the likeness metamorphose to something else. Or it might be "Her". If it's her he is doomed for good, as all his love adventure and literary dexterity will come to waste. At the thought of the last, made him to start developing uneasiness and extremely cold running through his hot arteries. "God almighty it should not be her, my father my God it should not be her, if it's her am completely finished". As Louise was praying, so was he panting heavily. When the person finally unbolt the door, the person was shocked to see Louise standing directly opposite the door, looking at the person battling with the door. Louise almost fainted when he saw the burglar." Why didn't you help me open the door"? Online wedding collections shipped from China
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Note: the names used in this story but setting is not real but the creative imagination of the writer, as no one was being referred to in particular.
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