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So if I am going to DM this group let me start giving you a quick run down so you can gather ideas for characters. I encourage you not to make too many final decisions until we all get together as this will be a highly social campaign and your chemistry as characters will be important and this isn't your average hack and slash high fantasy campaign.

Now. A very brief run down.

You will be in the city of Fenestram. It is a cultural hub, run by Republic system of government. The architecture of the city is Grand and Gothic, technology is innovative with streetcars and moving amongst the horse and carriages powered by contraptions that are running off the magical energies the city is built on. Fashion in this city is quite avant garde, originality is prized and commended.

Even though it can seem utopic Fenestram resides in the same physical space as a second City, Incerta. It is very think separated almost like a fog existing between the two places. Where Fenestram is Grand, Incerta is severe and dark. Those who live in one city may not interact or even experience the other city. Besides a very weak magical film between the two people have an agreement, almost disciplined and trained themselves to ignore the other city. To not do so will result in a "breach" and severe consequences will be brought down on those who breach. Travel between the cities can only happen at a single gate located in the center of the cities but once one moved to the other city the same rules of breach apply in reverse. Both cities have distinct architecture, fashion, mannerisms etc. For example Fenestram people do not wear black and grey colors, and almost exclusively dress in greens, purples, gold's, and jewels tones. 1920s bridesmaid dresses

I have yet to decide your groups involvement or place in the city (as my other group will exist in Incerta so I'm working on Fenestram now). Now both of my games will be working in the same timeline and your decisions may impact the city of Incerta. So remember, not only is your game at stake.

The game will not leave the city(s) and while there will be plenty of baddies to fight (and probably at least one dragon) politics and subterfuge may prove to solve some problems much better. (So I hope you have some support classes)

I'll have a more detailed history for you guys soon.

Notes. Not all races will be allowed, especially the more obscure ones. Also planer based magic is going to be restricted. Teleporting, pocket spaces, and other magic that bends the fabric of the planes has been shunned by the cities for good reason, so to learn these spells you are going to have to have a damn good justification (but I'm not banning them, but they won't be easy to learn)

Okay that's enough for this train ride I'll be back with more details soon!